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Spring Break Activities 2017
Spring Break Activities at Garvies Point Museum & Preserve


Spring Break Activities 2017 at Garvies Point Museum & Preserve

Tuesday, April 11th

BEGINNERS BIRD-WATCHING WALK - 11 AM & 1 PM Join us as we observe our favorite birds of field and woods during their spring return. Learn about "field marks" for a quick ID, their habitats, and how they act, plus learn how to use binoculars. Feel free to bring your own, we have some available if needed. Program suitable for children & adults.

RECYCLED BIRD-HOUSE CRAFT: 10 AM - 3 PM Make a "green" bird house out of recycled materials so you can observe our feathered friends during the most exciting time of year, nesting season!

Also enjoy our film "Birding for Kids" (30 mins.)

Wednesday, April 12th

POND STUDY - 11 AM & 1 PM Explore the world of a pond habitat! Join our Naturalist led walk to our fresh water pond to observe, collect and identify the diverse life found in a pond environment. Participants will get to use special pond dipping nets and handheld magnifiers! Hands-on program, exciting and educational for people of all ages. Sneakers or boots recommended.

POND CRITTER SAND-ART - 10 AM - 3 PM Kids love using colored sand to make art work! Choose from a selection of animals that live in the pond habitat.

Also enjoy our film "All about Amphibians" (23 mins.)

Thursday, April 13th

SPRING NATURE WALK - 11 PM & 1 PM Be a nature detective! Join us as we discover the plants, trees and animals that inhabit the spring woods. Fun and educational program for all ages!

FERN & LEAF PRINT CRAFT - 10 AM - 3 PMMake a beautiful work of art using ferns, leaves, paint and your imagination.

Enjoy our film "All About Plant Pollination" (23 mins.)

Friday, April 14th

WATER ENERGY PROGRAM - 10 AM & 12 PM  Witness the power of moving water & observe how it sculpts the landscape in this exciting stream table demo, plus optional short walk down to shoreline. Fun for kids!

SAND MOSAIC CRAFT - 10 AM - 3 PM Create beautiful artwork using sand, the most common sediment size on Earth!

Enjoy our film "Bill Nye, The Science Guy: Erosion" (26 mins.)

Saturday, April 15th


Learn about dinosaurs from our experts, see and touch real fossils, dress up like a dinosaur, try our "fossil" dig, PLUS make your own "fossil" to take home! Play activities for younger kids and awesome fossils & expert info for older kids & adults!
$5 per person, 3 years and younger free, includes all activities and museum admission. Free for current members.

Saturday, April 22nd


Celebrate Earth Day and make an enclosed ecosystem that can last for years! Includes everything you need: glass jar, plants, soil, pebbles.
$8/participant, in addition to museum admission.
$5/participant for current members.

All programs and crafts appropriate for all ages. All programs and crafts are included with museum general admission ($4/adult, $2/child 5-12 years) except where noted for Dinosaur Day.

Don't forget to visit the museum's gift shop full of souvenirs, toys, fossils, rocks & minerals, and books for all ages. Further support the museum and join the Friends of Garvies Point Museum and Preserve! Membership information is available at The Friends Page and at the museum front desk.

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