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Wax Carvings at Garvies Point Museum

Museum general admission: $3.00/adults, $2.00/children 5-12 yrs.

Saturday, April 20 2013, 11 AM
(Rain Date April 27)

Wax Carving for Jewelry: Demonstration by Boris Goynatsky

Boris Goynatsky is a master and the creative force behind BG Art Jewelry Atelier, based in Manhattan. He designs and makes high quality, creative, original custom-made, hand crafted fine jewelry art pieces. His creations are not limited by the rules and boundaries of formal jewelry making tradition. Boris feels that creating jewelry through wax carving allows you to make pretty much whatever you want much easier, faster, cheaper and healthier compared to working with just metal.

Wax carving enables him to create unique sculptural wearable art jewelry. In 2009 Boris won the NICHE design award in Wearable Art category. In 2012 one of his wedding bands became a finalist in Bridal category of Jewelers Choice Award, with 5000 jewelry-store owners voting across the US.

Boris will describe and demonstrate the process of creating wax models for jewelry. He will introduce the tools that are used in this process. You will be shown how to create mirror image earrings and an entire ring from a single piece of wax.

Come on April 20 2013 at 11 AM: Visit with the Nassau Mineral Club for the demonstration of Wax Carving and watch a Master demonstrate his art.
Admission: Garvies Point Museum is $3;
Nassau Mineral Club Members Admission is free.

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