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new SHAPES IN NATURE (Daisy Shapes in Nature Badge)
Focus all your energy and your eyes on finding the patterns and shapes in the natural world as we explore the woods on a scavenger hunt like no other! Create artwork inspired by nature to reflect all you have learned about nature’s shapes and patterns.
75-minute program.

new Design with Nature (Daisy Design with Nature Badge)
Explore our nature preserve from top to bottom to identify and sort all the natural objects found. Math has never been so much fun as when it is found in nature. Design a map of your adventure to record where you have been and where you are headed!
75-minute program.

Daisy Dinosaurs
Using authentic fossils, replicas, and scale models, delve into the world of dinosaurs, discover their unique characteristics, plant eaters vs. meat eaters, and more! Girls will also participate in a fossil "dig" and make their own "fossil".
75-minute program.

Daisy Outdoor Art Maker (Daisy Outdoor Art Maker Badge)
Discover colors, shapes, and sounds in nature as we explore the woods and meadow communities. In our beautiful native habitat garden, express yourself as you create a piece of art!
75-minute program.

Daisy Eco-learner (Daisy Eco-learner Badge)
Learn how to prepare yourself for the outdoors and protect nature through engaging, hands-on nature exploration. Learn "Leave No Trace" policy.
75-minute program.

Daisy Trail Adventure (Daisy Trail Adventure Badge)
Learn how to prepare for the outdoors including what to wear, how to plan a hike, what to bring, how to stay safe, and Leave no Trace principles. Hike along, using your keen senses to explore our woodland community!
75-minute program.


OUR NATIVE AMERICAN FRIENDS (Daisy Using Resources Wisely Petal / Brownie Celebrating Community Badge)
Learn about the Native American way of life including food, clothing, shelter, and tools through selected museum exhibits. Girls will explore our interactive "Woodland Village" with activities depicting Native American life ways. Go in a real dugout canoe, our wigwam, plant seeds in our pretend garden, and put bark shingles on a wigwam.
75-minute program.

girl scouts investigating a dugout canoe

Experience 70-million-year-old clay! We will take a short walk down to the beach to see our natural clay deposits then scouts will immerse themselves in our handson pottery making program. Scouts will use store bought clay (to preserve the natural clay) to make their own pottery to take home.
75-minute program. Must be scheduled within 4 hours of low tide. Brownie Potter Badge.

new PAINTING (Brownie Painting Badge)
Follow your sense of adventure and explore the wonderful world of art. Work together, as budding Brownie artists, to create a "portable" mural inspired by both the beauty of nature on our trails and your imagination.
90-minute program. Brownie Painting Badge.

BROWNIE OUTDOOR ART CREATOR (Brownie Outdoor Art Creator)
Explore the beauty in nature! Observe art forms during a nature scavenger hunt, listen to bird calls & sounds of nature, use magnifiers, observe animal architects, make tiny animal homes, and make a lasting piece of artwork from nature! Brownie Outdoor Art Creator.

new SHAPES IN NATURE (Brownie Shapes in Nature Badge)
Prepare yourself to be amazed at the shapes and patterns you'll find in nature as we embark on a unique scavenger hunt in our nature preserve. What's symmetry? You'll find out as you discover the wonder of symmetry in our natural world. Make a giant spider web to experience it for yourself!
75-minute program. Brownie Shapes in Nature Badge.

new DESIGN WITH NATURE (Brownie Design with Nature Badge)
Delve into natural design! Explore the shapes that make up beehives. Put math to work as you measure dimensions. Make a birdfeeder using your newly acquired design skills and that's not all. Circles hold secrets when it comes to the age of a tree. Determine the age of trees before you leave!
75-minute program. Brownie Design with Nature Badge.

BROWNIE TRAIL ADVENTURE (Brownie Trail Adventure Badge)
Join us for 3 awesome trail adventures through the woods & meadow and along the beach! Learn how to prepare for the outdoors including proper attire, planning, safety, and Leave no Trace principles.
75-minute program. Must be scheduled within 4 hours of low tide. Brownie Trail Adventure Badge.

BROWNIE OUTDOOR ADVENTURER (Brownie Outdoor Adventurer Badge)
Hike through the woods to learn about birds, trees, and animals. Learn how to blow a grass whistle and tie knots. Amazing adventures wait you in the great outdoors!
75-minute program. Brownie Outdoor Adventurer Badge.

BUGS (Brownie Bugs Badge)
Discover the varied insect life of our meadow, preserve and gardens as we explore their homes, what they eat & eats them, their lifecycles, and more! Make a cool bug craft as we learn about the parts of an insect.
75-minute program. Brownie Bugs Badge.


TOOLS AND ARTIFACTS (Brownie Inventor Badge / Junior Playing the Past Badge)
Discover how Native Americans made and used tools, such as stone-working and woodworking tools, as a means of adapting their environment to meet their life needs. Participants will be able to handle authentic tools and other artifacts. In addition, they will have an opportunity to use replicated tools such as mortars and pestles to grind corn, fire drills for making fire, and pump drills for drilling holes in stone.
75-minute program.


STREAM EROSION: AGENT OF CHANGE (Junior Agent of Change Journey, The Power of One Award.)
Understand why and how water erodes the landscape. Scouts will observe our exciting stream table demonstration that compares youthful and mature streams. Followed by short walk to beach to see natural erosional features.
75-minute program. Must be scheduled within 4 hrs. of low tide.

new JEWELER (Junior Jeweler Badge.)
Learn the fine art of jewelry-making from the past to the present. Investigate different types of materials and techniques as you create a one-of-a-kind jewelry item that's as unique as you are! All materials provided.
90-minute program. $20 per participant.

new JUNIOR SHAPES IN NATURE (Junior Shapes in Nature Badge.)
Explore our nature preserve from top to bottom to discover the most beautiful and fascinating patterns. Learn by doing in this hands-on, interactive program. Build a craft using all you've learned and so much more!
90-minute program.

FASCINATING FLOWERS (Junior Flower Badge.)
There is so much to learn about flowers! Do all plants have flowers? We will explore the parts of a flower, all about pollination, where fruit comes from, diversity of flowers & fruits, how seeds spread and so much more! Flower craft. More to explore during late Spring-late Fall.
75-minute program.


TREES (Cadette Tree Badge)
Explore the woods of the preserve and learn different ways to identify trees & how plants and animals interact. How did Native Americans use natural resources to build their homes? Make leaf rubbing ID booklets!
75-minute program.

COST: $15.00/participant per program (except Jewelry)
Must pay minimum of $75 (or $100 for Jewelry) IN ADVANCE of program.

Minimum of 5 persons, maximum of 25 per program.

Tagalongs welcome (age permitting) if total number is within 25.
$4.00 PER ADULT, 2 Leaders free

Call 516-571-8010 to book now.