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The Exhibits of The Museum

The museum's exhibits offer Long Island and New York State geology and Long Island  Native American culture and archaeology. Geology exhibits illustrate Long Island's glacial history and explain the formation of today's land features. Dramatic post-glacial changes in climate and sea level are detailed in dioramas to show the evolution of our landscape during the past 20,000 years. Local leaf fossils and concretions ("Indian paint pots") are also on display.

There are several more recent exhibits, including a major addition to the permanent exhibits, "The Seasonal Round", an attractive new diorama exploring Long Island Native American lifeways throughout the seasons of the year. Some of the latest archaeological theories are also detailed in a nearby audio exhibit. Our most recent exhibit is an Interactive Woodland Village, where children and adults are welcome to "plant" corns, beans, and squash or "fish" from the Dugout Canoe.

The archaeological exhibits begin with the migration of peoples from Asia to the New World, and his subsequent cultural evolution. A series of exquisite dioramas illustrates Indian life scenes from Long Island. Numerous prehistoric Indian artifacts are displayed. Other exhibits deal with the first European contact, in the ultimate demise of the Native American culture. The science of archaeology is the subject of several exhibits, including a model of the archaeological excavation.

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Drifting Lands and Ancient Seas: Geology and Fossils of New York State
Rock, Mineral and Crystal Exhibit - “a study in nature, philosophy, art, and science”


Alcove I - Geologic History of Long Island
Geomorphology - study of land forms

Alcove II - Indians of North America

Alcove III - Prehistoric Indians of Long Island - before European contact

Alcove IV - Seasonal Round - Native Long Island life ways

Freestanding - Archaeological Excavation: The Bay People

Alcove V - Long Island Indian Culture - at European contact

Alcove VI - Archaeological “Dig Replica”

Alcove VII - Principles of Stratigraphy
Osteology - study of bones

Alcove VIII - Natural History of Long Island
Palynology - age determination by pollen and spores studies


Interactive Woodland Village
Dugout Canoe and Wigwam


Activities and Lunch Area

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