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VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES - Give back to your community

Volunteers are one of our most cherished resources here at Garvies Point Museum and Preserve.

We offer individual and group volunteer opportunities at all times of the year.

Preserve Management

Native Plant Conservation

Non-native highly invasive plants affect all of the United States including Garvies Point Preserve. These introduced plants from Europe and Asia pose a threat to our native wildflower and plant populations due to competition for sunlight, space, water, and nutrients. These plants change the environment in such a way that our native plants and trees have difficulty surviving and reproducing. Native wildlife depends on native plant and tree populations. Volunteers and museum staff will use manual removal of plants (no chemicals) and dispose of them in a manner to prevent any further spreading. Best time: late winter, early spring through early fall. Invasives of concern: Japanese Knotweed, Mile-A-Minute, Garlic Mustard, Norway Maple, Multiflora rose, and Oriental Honeysuckle.

Trail/Pond Restoration Projects

We have almost 5 miles of marked nature trails that lead through the woods, meadow, and along the bluff and along the beach. In order to keep our trails as safe as possible for all who visit us, they need to be cleared, maintained, and fixed up every once in a while. We welcome all those who are willing!

A pond is a type of ecosystem that naturally accumulates debris (tree limbs, plant and animal debris) that leads to the succession of a pond into a forest. We wish to keep our ponds for educational purposes and in order to do this we need to clear the edges of the ponds every few years. (Great for scout groups and Eagle scouts)

Bird and Butterfly Friendly Gardens

Thanks to gracious donations we have two beautiful bird and butterfly friendly gardens around the museum and parking lot. These gardens are made to give native birds, butterflies, and other insects a great source for food, nesting, and cover. Birds and butterflies are more likely to feed and build a nest (or lay eggs) on native shrubs and plants. Different species of butterflies need certain plants for nectar and other plants to lay eggs so their larvae can feed when hatched.

These gardens need weeding throughout the early spring through early fall. If any environmental clubs or groups are interested they can "adopt-a-garden". Your group can tend to and manage one or both of our gardens through the spring and summer.

Major Annual Events:

Thanksgiving Native American Feast:

A weekend long event held the weekend before Thanksgiving that celebrates the culture and life ways of northeastern Native Americans. Activities include authentic pottery making methods, native food displays, native food sampling (corn soup, boiled cornbread, popcorn), learn about tool technology (using mortar & pestle, stone drilling, fire-making), outdoor spear throwing (use the atlatl), open fire cooking (taste popcorn soup, acorn squash cooked in ashes, fish baked on a spit), face-painting using natural clay pigments, and films about Native American culture and archaeology.

For all these activities we need many volunteers! Every year all who volunteer have a great time!

Garvies Point Day:

First Saturday in August. A day of outdoor education and nature crafts.

Children's Summer Workshops:

Nature, Geology and Native American themes. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays in July and August for children ages 5-10 years.

Three half-day workshops that explore the world of the woods, field, pond, and beach - how Long Island was formed, all about erosion and fossils, beach geology, rocks and minerals, and Native Americans: how they lived, what tools they used, pottery making methods, survival skills, fire making and more. Great for community service!

Educational programs, scouts, etc

Throughout the year we get many visits from school groups, scouts, home school groups, adult homes, etc. We offer educational programs focusing on Native Americans, Archaeology, Geology, and Outdoor Education. If you love children and if you especially love to teach we would love to have you! All you need is to come and observe our programs and we can schedule you for teaching.

Contact Veronica or Nancy (516-571-8010) at Garvies Point Museum
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