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50 Barry Drive, Glen Cove, NY 11542 (516) 571-8010

  • Native American Tool Technology

  • Long Island: Before, During and after the Glacier

  • Geology of Garvies Point Preserve

  • Wildflowers of Long Island

  • Field Methods in Archaeology

  • 75-90 minute programs
    given by museum curatorial staff.

    enclosed deck overlooking preserve
    or covered observation deck
    available for your boxed or catered lunch

    Native American Tool Technology

      This hands-on program explores how Native Americans met their life needs through the development of tools, such as woodworking and stone-working tools. Participants will be able to handle authentic tools and other artifacts from the museum's collections, and will have an opportunity to use replicated tools such as a mortar and pestle for grinding corn, a pump drill for dirlling holes in stone and a fire drill for making fire.

    Long Island: Before, During and after the Glacier

      This slide-illustrated program is a comprehensive look at Long Island's geological past, from its ancient beginnings to the development of today's post-glacial land features. Slides are arranged into a "field trip" around Long Island. Participants will be able to examine basic Long Island sediments, soils and rock types from the museum's collections.

    Geology of Garvies Point Preserve

      A program that will provide the participant with insight to the many unique geologic features containted within the Preserve. A hands-on discussion of concretions and nodules, Cretaceous and Pleistocene sediments, weathering and erosion will be included in the program. Weather depending, there will be a short field trip to the beach and/or slide presentation and exhibit interpretation.

    Wildflowers of Long Island

      This slide-illustrated talk will feature Long Island's common native and introduced wildflower species. Focus will be on history and folklore as well as identification.

    Field Methods in Archaeology

      A slide-illustrated program that examines the reasons behind archaeological research and details North American archaeological methodology. Participants will have an opportunity to see the archaeologist's kit bag of digging tools and mapping equipment.

    you must make your own catering arrangements
    (list of catering suggestions available)

    group size limitation: 40
    cost: $5.00 per person
    minimum charge: $75.00 (must be prepaid)
    includes museum admission

    programs available Tuesday-Friday
    during regular museum hours (10am - 4pm)
    special arrangements may be made for Saturdays where schedules permit
    programs available after 4pm for additional $15/hour fee
    programs available after 6pm for $10/person

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