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OE-1 BEACH ECOLOGY (Pre-K), (K-8), (9-12)

This is a hands-on investigation of the intertidal shoreline community. An emphasis is placed upon how plants and animals are adapted to this harsh environment. This program MUST be scheduled during the four hours of lowest tide. Available April through October. Specialized programs may be available upon request.

OE-2 BIOTIC COMMUNITIES (Pre-K), (K-8), (9-12)

This "walk" through the woodland and the field community is an introduction to several natural habitats, emphasizing producers, consumers and decomposers, their interdependance, and change in nature (old field succession). Programs with a particular emphasis (i.e., birdwatching) may be available upon request.

OE-3 WINTER SEARCH PARTY (Pre-K), (K-8), (9-12)

This is a cold weather "search" for evidence of animal activity, emphasizing the effects of adverse environmental conditions upon plants and animals and the adaptations that help cold weather survival. Animal tracking will be done if field conditions are appropriate.

OE-4 POND STUDY (Pre-K), (K-8), (9-12)

This is a "hands-in" hands-on investigation of the pond environment. Specific adaptations of living things to this special environment will be observed firsthand and interpreted. Participants will use dip nets and hand lenses and will learn to use a simple field guide to identify common pond inhabitants.

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