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Archaeology Programs at Garvies Point Museum

G-2 FIELD ARCHAEOLOGY (Gr. 4-5, 6-8) (9-12) (college) (adult group)

This slide-illustrated lesson shows the "how and why" of the science of archaeology: how archaeologists dig and record their work in the field. An indoor replicated dig and other selected museum exhibits are used for reinforcement. Students will see an archaeologist's kit bag of digging tools and a telescopic alidade. Indoor program.

G-8 INTERPRETING SKELETAL REMAINS (Gr. 7-8) (9-12) (college) (adult group)

This hands-on program details the interpretation of human skeletal remains, including the determination of gender, physiological age, disease and trauma. Students will be able to handle actual skeletal remains and record observations of physiological age, stature, and disease and trauma. Indoor program.

G-12 EXPLORING NATIVE AMERICAN POTTERY II (Gr. 4-5) (6-8) (9-12) (college) (adult group)

This is a hands-on analysis of traditional Native American pottery-making techniques and methods. Participants will discuss archaeological information and work with natural clay and related artifacts. Indoor program.

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