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Educational Programs

We believe interactive, hands-on learning is essential for students of all ages. Museum and preserve resources are used to present specialized one-hour museum school programs. Programs can be used to meet basic curriculum or enrichment needs, either when taken alone or in combination. These are geared to the ability level and special needs of your class. Planning and pre-visit materials are provided. These have been designed to integrate programs into classroom activities. Customized programs and pre-visit consultations are available upon request when schedule permits.

Most programs can be given simultaneously, so that one class can be having a program while another class is having a different program, allowing classes to alternate programs. In this way, several classes or a grade level can be accommodated in one day and classes can customize their visit by taking advantage of several related programs.

A visit to Garvies Point Museum is an experience your students will remember for years to come!


$45.00 per one-hour program for a class
in advance
$1.00 per student on day of visit
(teacher & two additional adults per class free)

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